Quilling Ballerina | How to make a Quilling Portrait

Made on: July 24, 2018

Learn to make a Quilling Portrait of a pretty Ballerina in this step by step tutorial by Quilling Guru, Debasish Sarkar.
In this tutorial we will combine the techniques of Quilling and Kirigami to get our finished portrait.
Step 1: Draw the outline of our portrait.
Step 2: Cut out the body parts and face of the girl using kirigami knife or any similar sharp object.
Step 3: Use Quilling papers to outline the dress.
Step 4: Quill using the technique shown to fill the dress.
Step 5: Use Quilling paper rolls to fill the skirt and the tiara.
Step 6: Use the same technique as step 4 to make her hair and shoes.
Finally, sign it with your name and date !! Go ahead make your own copy and maybe experiment with the colors.....
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